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bestselling metaphysical author, spiritual teacher, entrepreneur, and modern mystic reveals life's truths in clear, understandable ways through his new book The Star Keys learn how to live beyond 2012

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A great Light now shines even brighter from the many realms of Heaven, as Walter Starcke soars free of his earthly body.

Walter made is transition just as he wanted, peacefully in his sleep with me by his side. A lovely Buddhist mantra was playing in the background singing him to Heaven. An owl called in the woods, Jan Price, whose Presence I felt clearly, and many others came to lead him into his expanded home. He had been homesick for Heaven for a while. For all who saw him in the last few years, knew he was still vitally alive right up until the past few months when he decided he'd be of more service from the other-side. He waited until we had finished writing our new book together. We shared a mission and an understanding of Love beyond words and time.

The Good News is that before he crossed over Walter traversed the pathway between dimensions so frequently that one day he was able to take me through the veil and back with him. This established a pathway in consciousness for us to communicate between Heaven and Earth. The portal is open!
Starcke, as he wants to be called now, plans to help spread his Double Thread message of The Star Keys from across the veil, while I speak and share on this side. We are connected eternally, bound by the Truth and purpose of our shared Consciousness. In this and the following newsletters, I will include sections from the new book, THE STAR KEYS, Living beyond 2012 in the Age of the Gods. Love is the Key as we all shift into ascension consciousness. Love became his highway to Heaven, as it is also our highway of Heaven on Earth.

Eron will carrying this message out to the world as Walter helps from across the veil.


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